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CONFIDENCE is a muscle.

Working with Stroke to Success you will gain confidence, strength, and determination to be who you are created to be. Give what you are created to give, and live the life that life has been calling to you to live! Stroke to Success was founded on the fact that when you listen to your gut, pursue your purpose and fight for what is yours, you can turn life's adversities into your greatest strengths.

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One day - you are forced to start life over. Due to a sudden stroke, your cognitive, emotional and physical capabilities have been reduced to that of a newborn baby. A daily struggle greets you each morning as you are forced to relearn basic functional life skills. Needless to say, the notion of resuming a normal life is overwhelmingly daunting. Yet, despite the colossal challenge laid out in front of you, somehow you overcome - and through this process, you are transformed into a passionate person full of life who pursues their dreams with fervor. This unbelievably true story belongs to Suzy Wigstadt. At 28, she had a hemiplegic migraine that resulted in a stroke. Despite her limitations, she overcame and became a Personal Sales Trainer with a passion for encouraging growth, overcoming obstacles, and helping others find their voice. Today, Suzy equips entrepreneurs, sales teams, and passionate people to discover how they can turn life's adversities into their greatest strengths. She has been through what most will never experience.  Through her experiences, she brings empowerment to live life to the fullest.  Suzy's goal and purpose is to bring life and speak life. You do not need to experience a life-altering event to CHOOSE YOURSELF.  Whatever it looks like to choose yourself today - listen to your gut and you won't ever be disappointed!

Stroke to Success: Parallels between healing from a stroke and finding your confident sales voice by Suzy Wigstadt

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